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 Cordless Drill – An Overview:


The cordless drill is an outstanding tool that has revolutionized construction, building, and a countless number of odd-jobs. With portability, functionality, and raw power, the cordless drill should be a part of any handyman or worker’s tool chest. Get it done faster, and don’t mess around with any extension cords!

If you’re visiting this site, chances are you know all this stuff already. You might be an experienced construction worker, a fixer-upper, or you might be tackling the task of building your own home. You might know quite a bit about construction or building things, but in any case you just want to buy a drill!

But here’s the problem: they cost money, just like anything else in the world, and they don’t come cheap. Sure, you could go to the dollar store and possibly pick one up there, but you know it will fall apart before you even take it out of the box! You need quality tools that will last. You’re looking for respected name brands that have a reputation for quality and integrity — and if you can save a little money while you’re at it, all the better.

But what if you could save a lot of money on these tools? What if you could save even more than you thought possible on your next drill? What if you could have more money to spend on other things, like your family? You would say that’s impossible.

But wait right there, fellow worker, it is possible!

This is a site dedicated to providing information about drills and other tools, but even more, we want to save you money. Why would we want that? Well, maybe because we’re nice. Or maybe we’re workers too, and we know how it is when trying to buy new tools! Get a break from those high prices in the hardware shop and save some money with our store. We’re always having sales and special deals going on, but they don’t last forever! Most of our sales are “here today, gone tomorrow” — we usually don’t run a deal or promotion for more than a few days. So why keep paying those high prices when you could get the same quality drills for less? Why wait? Browse our store below and go get a quality drill for less!

 Even if you’re new to cordless drills, there is information on our website here about drills that will help you make a better, more informed decision on your purchase.

Corded Drill – An Overview:

These days, it is very important for every plumber or electrician to keep appropriate tools in their arsenal. This is required to perform the task perfectly, without consuming more time, since time is always of the essence. Screwdrivers, hammers and spanners are the common tools used by a plumber, but the use of a drill makes their life vastly more convenient. Corded drills with their power and additional features over their cordless counterparts, are used these days for tougher and heavier jobs, by the industrial users. These possess extra features than their cordless colleagues which lack power, especially when the battery dies out.
Drills are needed when holes are to be made in metal, wood and concrete. Battery operated drills are sometimes, though not always, a cumbersome option and they just as often don’t even yield satisfactory results. On the other hand, power drills are preferred almost universally.
Corded power drills are connected through wires to the mains for operating purposes. Corded drills are very useful and specifically required for tasks which require great amounts of labour and have high power requirements. The basic reason is that in demanding task, high power and torque is required which can only be provided by the corded drills. But the corded drills cannot work without a socket. For drilling a hole of large diameter, they are ideal too because any other drill will not be able to bear such great amount of stress and may get damaged.
But some precautions need to be taken while using a corded drill. Always wear safety glasses to protect your eyes. The clothes you are wearing while using the electric appliance must be chosen according to your body type; they must fit properly because loose clothes are always risky to wear while using any such appliance. The person using the corded drill should not wear gold or silver jewelry since they are good conductors of electricity and risky to wear. 
These safety measures should be taken so as not to jeopardise your life and the lives of those working around you while using the corded drill. For safety reasons again, the cord of the corded drill requires periodical checks so as to guard against any wear and tear. You also need to handle the drill firmly while using it, so as to escape any major or minor injuries.
You might want to consider, last of all, your needs as a DIY person. Are you a serious DIY enthusiast, or are you just a casual hobbyist who just needs to drill a few screws from time to time? Furthermore, are you perhaps a mason, a plumber or any other kind of professional? 
All these are factors to consider when purchasing your corded drill; the brand names are the most reliable but also the most expensive. You need to know if it is definitely worth it prior to investing in your new power tool.

Corded Drill – What Are Corded Drills i.e. Electric Drills?

corded drill or also electric drill is the full term for what is commonly referred to as a ‘drill’, that is, a motor to which a drill bit is connected, whose function is to cut precise holes in materials. The drill bit is gripped by what is known as a chuck, and held in place by the user at the other end. Provided there is steady grip, a hole will be drilled into the material as intended. If the material requires further precision or strength, then a drill press should be considered as an alternative to the corded drill.

There are many types of corded drills available, and before you make your purchase you should be aware of the main kinds. Since old hand drills such as the bow drill and the brace and bit are not strictly corded drills at all, these are not included in the following summary.

1. Regular Corded Drill:

These corded drills are what the majority of regular people needing to do some DIY are in search of. If you know where to shop, you can get these regular rotating corded drills at reasonable prices. Just beware of some sellers trying to sell you a high priced brand name that you might not require. Remember, the genus of corded drills can include some extremely powerful power tools, but you must always ask yourself the question, do I really need it for the job I have to do?

2. Hammer Drill:

The hammer drill is the same as a normal corded drill, except that it has, as its name suggests, a hammer function in addition to the simple rotation of the drill. This high impact hammer, combined with (or separate from) the regular rotating drill, can make holes in the more hard, brittle materials such as stone, without fracturing the surroundings. If you need a hammer drill, also known as an impact drill, then you might want to consider hiring a professional in the first place. Careless use of these on brittle materials can often spell disaster.

3. Cordless Drill:

Okay, now it’s obvious that a cordless drill does not fall under the category of corded drill, but you should know about the corded drill’s younger brother, since it is often a contender for your consideration in your home DIY efforts. However, that is not to say that the cordless drill doesn’t have its industrial applications too: this type of drill can be surprisingly powerful, all powered by either a Lithium ion or Nickel Cadmium batteries. It has to be said that when searching for a cordless drill, Nickel Cadmium batteries are a thing of the past. They are inferior in every respect to the lighter, long lasting Lithium ion alternative. Since, unlike corded drills, cordless drills operate on a battery pack, it is very useful to know a lot about their power source before going ahead with your purchase. Battery packs come in a variety of forms: 7.2V, 12V, 18V and 24V among the voltages available, and the increase in voltages over time means that modern cordless drills can often rival corded drills in terms of raw power, something which is quite an amazing feat considering their size.

4. Right Angle Drill:

A right angle drill is a variety of corded drill which allows the user to access previously inaccessible places, by virtue of the drill chuck being at a right angle to the drill’s main body, instead of being parallel to it. Many DIY enthusiasts swear by the right angle drill as their ticket to more obscure places, but for the average job around the home such a drill might not be necessary.

Become a Pro with the Corded Drill:

With the advent of technology there are various innovations which have changed the way our tradesmen work and have greatly facilitated their strenuous jobs, which leads to their exceptional performance and smooth flowing work. The lives of tradesmen and electricians were very difficult before the invention of corded drills – being a tradesman meant toiling hard with manual hand drills to create just a small bore in the wall. But then the introduction of corded drill made it very simple for the workers as the electrical tools helped them make easy bores into the wall with relatively low effort on their part.

There are many brands in the market that offer these corded drills, many of which have a monstrously mighty motor which is fully equipped with all the power in the world to be used even while undertaking applications which are heavy duty in nature with the same perfect ease with which they drill into small duty applications. 
The drill is usually provided with a light and compact design which when used by the electricians, plumbers and other industrial workers offers mastering control, grip and comfort. The smooth and unique structure of the handle of these corded drills renders complete manageability and perfect ease for any application whether aggressive or sensitive. 
The chuck provided in these drills makes sure that the retaining of the bit by the tool is adequately managed and is supported by the speed trigger which can give you a variety speed RPM to make this tool impressive and versatile for all purposes. The durability and longevity of this tool is also kept in mind and therefore the construction of the body of corded drill is an all ball bearing construction. Therefore the users are free for a long span of time from any servicing of these corded drills which will work as smoothly as butter.

Since there are many manufacturers in the market it’s advisable to choose only a reliable one which offers a warranty and a price which doesn’t burn a hole in your pockets. Nowadays people prefer cordless drills for various drilling applications but these corded drills too have their superior or more favorable positions wherein you wouldn’t have to wait for the batteries to be charged or fear that the equipment might stop in between an important drilling assignment. 
Besides this, the battery of the cordless drill doesn’t last too long and the new ones are very expensive for which you could instead buy a new corded drill. The corded ones do not have these batteries and replacement issues and you are good for the next 10 or 15 years without any looming tension of keeping track of the battery.

Rewardingly fashioned for both personal and professional needs, these corded drills have to be to be used safely just to escape any untoward incident from dangling wires or the plug in the socket which someone new to the site can trip over if he/she doesn’t notice the wire or the extension. Therefore it’s advisable to keep in mind the safety standards while using these corded drills which offer only excellence and brilliance as the end product.

Corded Drills – What Do Customers Think?

Corded drills are the most sought after tool by electricians and plumbers these days, making drilling quick, effortless and smooth. Corded drills are power drills which are generally rated significantly above their cordless counterparts and have received staggering reviews from their users.

Customers find the corded drill ideal for home use; they simply are mesmerized by the solid and powerful feel that they experience while gripping the corded drill. Corded drills are definitely meant to make tougher tasks seem trivial; their spindle can be locked at various angles to allow easy chiseling and the speed, measured in RPM, can also be adjusted. Corded drills mitigate vibration, making them suitable for extended use. The corded drill is popular among its users because it can drill masonry with ease and is an ideal demolition tool. The corded drill can be used on all types of surfaces and it will penetrate through all of them easily.

The corded drill is extremely powerful and has plenty of battery life. The corded drill has a quick change cord and is extremely solid – these features can assure you that it will stay with you for years, since it is certainly durable enough. The corded drill is sufficient for digging deep holes in concrete, thus it is worth your money. The corded drill is an ideal ergonomic.

The corded drill has gained popularity among its users basically because of its long lasting features. A customer recalls that he used the corded drill with nylon wheel brushes, to clean historic headstones. The corded drills yielded commendable results. No problem was encountered while going through various layers of grime and dirt. The corded drill can work at a stretch of 5-6 hours on a daily basis. Corded drills possess a strong and powerful motor.

Another customer recalls that he required the corded drill to drill anchor holes in a storage shed. It yielded fabulous results. Bubble level on end make it suitable for getting the hole straight. The customer was able to drill 1/8 inches cold rolled steel with the corded drill too.

Thus, the corded drill has satisfied mostly all its users. There are users who have been using the corded drill over a span of 20 long years they refer to it as their “20 year old drill”. This is the level of satisfaction among customers. However, you must always put the safety of yourself and your co-workers as the number one priority, despite the impressive power of the corded drill. 
Make sure to put on safety glasses, and do not wear any conductive clothing or jewelry, for example, silver/gold, and always try to ensure a tight fit for your clothing – do not let baggy garments get in the way of your power tools as that could spell disaster. You must always remember to take the above precautions, rain or shine. Your safety comes first, even if corded drills get you excited to go to work. No power tool is worth endangering yourself for. Remember folks, your safety is completely in your hands.

Monstrous Power and Lightweight Design:

With the launch of corded drills, hardware industry experts have rated it as one of the highest performance drills ever introduced in the market and it is soon becoming an important prerequisite in the tool box of all the electricians and tradesmen who have myriads of bore requirements every now and then and therefore their anticipations from electrical engineering teams of different multinational companies were very high. The corded drill is a universally praised tool which has satisfyingly fulfilled the anticipations of these daily workers and created a very positive response in the market.

The powerful motor which has the range of 7 amp is first handedly preferred by industrial users and DIY enthusiasts too who can now bore holes in tough concrete walls to decorate their houses and rooms without looking to any external help. The superior quality and precision without a strenuous input is what sets this corded drill apart from other tools used to make bores. Be it construction applications or industrial heavy duty requirements, the corded drill can combat any situation and is impressively effective.

Besides its great functionality and precision the corded drills are also preferred for their light design and structure which has been designed keeping in mind a daily user’s needs wherein he can use them 24*7 without any tiring strain on their hands and body. Unlike the cordless ones the consumers have no battery issues which give it more durability and longevity down the years without any replacement and servicing needs. 
The speed trigger in these corded drills is also a very well appreciated feature by the regular users which offers them the ability to control the speed and adjust it according to their drilling needs. The driving of screws is much easier and facilitated with the speed range offered in different models of corded drills. Besides the clutch offered in these drills is often worth its weight in gold as it helps the user in driving screws and ensuring that he is not over driving them into the material causing any damage.

Corded drills with all their precision and continuous power are preferred by regular users. The easy affordability and price of these also makes them a hot favorite when compared to the ones which are very expensive and do not live up to their price tag. Corded drills are used by many regular users at construction sites and in at home too, and have generated a favorable response for their high safety standards afforded by the safe and secure basic structure.

Different brands in the market offer different models which are chosen by consumers for their precision and durability and therefore in a short time these electrical hardware tools have solved the problems of many and generated favorable feedback, making these the most important tool in the tool box of the tradesmen. The dual functionality to deal with both aggressive and sensitive applications is the added advantage in these corded drills which also allures many potential consumers who have great trust and faith in its efficiency.
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