How To Screw into Concrete Without a Hammer Drill (Easy Tips 2 Apply)

Finding yourself drilling or screwing into the concrete for the first time, and you don’t know how to screw into concrete without a hammer drill and by using a regular drill effectively! Then this is the article for you.

Creating a hole into a block of concrete without a hammer drill is not an impossible task to be accomplished. Since not every one of us can have access to a hammer drill for drilling concrete, so we need other alternatives.

If you carry a regular drill, then you must know to drill a concrete by not utilizing hammer drill.

The first thing that comes to our mind as the fittest, strongest, and highly durable material is the concrete. It’s the accumulation of more than 60% of a concrete mix containing mostly sand and gravel.

How to Drill into Concrete With a Regular Drill

Now, if you want to get through all these accumulations, to do the grind, an ideal drill is required. Surely, it will be good!

Masonry drill bits are designed to breakthrough all the concrete accumulation.  Build holes into the concrete; the bits of the drill is technically structured to create holes through drilling smoothly.

How To Screw into Concrete Without a Hammer Drill

It’s never useful to look for a traditional drill bit constructed for comfy materials than say bye to your drill bit. Within a short period, the bit will get down by the concrete and you will find yourself stumpy metal piece clinging out of the shred of the drill.

Concrete is like a beastie, and for this, you need a specially designed drill to perform a single task like drilling through the solid.

Functioning Of Masonry or Concrete Drill Bits

Masonry drill functions with the hammer drill as it structured like this.  Remember, as we are not utilizing a hammer drill, the turning action of the drill bit will be working for us.

Keep Water Nearby 

Lack of hammering interactions will make the masonry drill hotter due to friction, which generated due to rounding around the matter.

While drilling the concrete, provide water frequently to the working point to avoid the bit becoming hotter quickly. It will increase the longevity of your drill from not getting ruined.


Raise the drill out of the hole at a regular interval of time during the drilling running in concrete. In this way, all the scatter, and other particles will be erased. It will increase the efficiency and functioning of the masonry drill by lessening the friction.

Not To Do

Never go for exercising your principles with the hammer at the time of drilling holes into the solid beyond hammer drill. Remember, hammer drills are not in use for the task to be completed, so treating the drills to be hammer drill is never wise. You will destroy not only the drill bit but also your drill if you are desired to work your rules of hammering.

As already described, that uplift your drill bit often out of the hole and get rid of particles.

7 Useful Techniques For How To Screw into Concrete Without a Hammer Drill

1. At the time of drilling lifting the drill away from the hole is necessary to remove the undesired particles from the reed.

2. It is always better to start with a masonry drill bit that is smaller in size and after that grind the hole bigger with larger drill bits.

3. While you are obstructed with the stone that is delaying your progress, break that by using a large nail of the hammer.

4. Do not go for cheaper drill bits. It will ultimately cost you more in your further progression.

5. Mostly mortar, brick, and concrete are difficult to smash. Moreover, concrete is the hardest among them all.

6. You can go for the hammer drill by easily renting it for your application if you find it suitable to other projections.

7. Hitting a rock-solid spot, where you are unable to get the drill further than just pause and pull out and expand the drill bit. After the hole become bigger, pick a harder nail, and put it in the hole. Smack the hammer for breaking the accumulation you are here to hit. 

Conclusion For-[ How To Screw into Concrete Without a Hammer Drill]

If you have any suggestions to improve the process or got some better ideas for How To Screw into Concrete Without a Hammer Drill, surely you can share with us in the comment section below.

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