How to Use a Hammer Drill [97.8% People Don’t Know it]

Sometimes, we need to insert things like screws, bolts, and even small plugs. For this purpose, we have to drill holes in our concrete made walls. To do this job, using a hammer drill comes in handy. Hammer drill is a useful and essential tool in our day to day life. It is a popular tool as it can drill holes in the overmuch solid, rigid, and robust surface like concrete, tiles, etc. So, we need to know, how to use a hammer drill.

Why we Have to Know it?[How to Use a Hammer Drill]

Even if we have a hammer drill, it won’t be useful if we don’t know how to use hammer drill properly as mishandlings may cause hand injuries and other troubles.So, while using a hammer drill, we should follow the steps accurately and correctly. 

Knowing about the tool

To use any kind of device, first of all, we need to be familiar with its proper usages. Without knowing the tool, we cannot handle it properly, and sometimes, it may even cause risks. Like other tools, it’s also required for a user to know appropriately how the hammer drills work. There are various kinds of hammer drills whose functions are also different. Aspects of a hammer drill like drill rotation speed, torque speed and power being supplied also vary. So before buying a hammer drill, the user should be familiar with the hammer drills of different kinds which can help him choose the right one he needs.

how to use hammer drill
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Ensuring safety

Using a hammer drill involves some safety issues. If it is used in the wrong way, any accident, especially hand injury, is likely to happen. Maintaining safety is the key to success in any field of work, and it’s even more important when someone is using a tool like a hammer drill. If you don’t follow enough safety, sharp debris’s can come out of the drilling hole that can impact your eyes severely.  In this regard, wearing goggles can help protect your eyes.  Secondly, harmful dust emitted from drilling hole can go into your lungs. But if you put on a breathing mask, it can resist the dirt from entering your lungs. Furthermore and most importantly, you should be aware of your hands at the time of working with this tool and so it’s a must to use gloves for the safety of your hands.

Choosing and Attaching the Bit

While buying the bit for your hammer drill, pick the perfect bit for the material you are going to bore. Drill bits are available in the market in various configurations and sizes. The sharpness of a drill bit is also something to consider.  After getting the hammer and bit ready, attach the bit to the hammer very tightly so that it is tied to its place properly.

Identifying the depth stop

Anyone would not want his drill bit to penetrate too deep. Instead, it should have a specific measurement of depth.  In case of a hammer drill’s having a depth stopper, the user should set up to the desired thickness.  But for the hammer drills which don’t have this feature, the user should simply use masking tape to wrap the bit so that he can mark the desired depth.

Placing the tip on the right spot

Before drilling, place the tip on the exact direction. After correct placement, you are ready to push the trigger and begin drilling.

To use a hammer drill, you not only need to know how to drill a hole but also you have to know how to keep the hammer drill in the possible optimum condition. So the user should wash the outer parts now and then by blowing away the dust and fragments of rocks from the hole. In case of any error in the machine, the user should change it immediately since the damaged machine will not give you desired performance and it’s more likely to cause unwanted problems. 


So, at the end of this article, I think now you have a clear idea about “how to use a hammer drill.If yes then best of luck to you.But if you dont satisfied with this article and want to know more about “How to Use a Hammer Drill” then please contact with us by comment below.

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