What is a Hammer Drill and How it Works [Fully Explained]

In this paragraph, we know the whole information about what is a hammer drill and how it works. Before that, we know In our daily life, we have used many tools which are based on electronics and non-electronics equipment. These tools we can divide two ways. They are,

  • Power tool and
  • Hand tool

What is a hammer drill

Hammer drill is one of the vastly used power tools by electricians, carpenters, plumber and literally any handymen. It is a power tool which is majorly used for drilling in hard material. It is a variation of a rotary drill provided with an impact mechanism to generate hammering motion in it.

It works by delivering a rapid succession of blows, used chiefly for drilling in masonry or rock. This is using, holes in hard materials are needed for anchor bolts, concrete screws, and wall plug.

It has the percussive mechanism provides a rapid succession of short hammer thrusts to pulverize the material to be bored. So, the hammer drill is suitable to provide quicker drilling with less effort.

A cordless hammer drill sample in  Post of what is a hammer drill and how it works
Cordless hammer drill

To know more about what is a hammer drill you have to get the knowledge of how it works too

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How Does It Works

 It is an electronics tool with an impact mechanism that generates a hammering motion which is maintained by power. It has a percussion mechanism, in which two sets of toothed gear mechanically interact with each other to hammer while rotating the drill bit.

There has a chuck. This chuck and bit move forward and backward to provide enough motion, which creates rotation. Hammer drill rotates around the drill bit and pushes it in and out. There are a number of blows or impact is created which provide forces on a frequent basis. The frequency is there around 1000 blows in one minute.

This repeated blow is what we can get to break concrete and to create drills inside hard materials. And this case, It is suitable to provide more impact forces compared to a regular drill.

Types of Hammer Drills

There are three types of hammer drill, which are based on using, material and mechanism.

  1. Dedicated hammer drill.
  2. Corded hammer drill &
  3. Cordless hammer drill.

Dedicated : When we have to do a lot of masonry drilling jobs, this is the tool that we will need. The expense of this type of drill is quite off the mark. As a hobbyist mechanic, the price can be heavy on us.

Corded : When we have to do an electrical job, and we have power outlets available nearby, we would like to go for a corded hammer drill. In terms of rotational power (RPM), they are way higher than any other types of hammering drills.

Some of the brands are likely to produce portable versions of such corded hammer drills. For obvious reasons, they are powered by DC batteries.

Cordless : They are very handy when we have to do highly rotational hammering works and don’t have any AC power outlet nearby.

The battery power of cordless hammering drills is near around 18V. With a fully charged battery, we can easily drill 100 to 120 holes. This cost is more expensive than corded one.

Uses of Hammer Drills

Hammer drill is used to creating holes in hard materials. Comparing to different boring and drilling tools it takes a lot less effort. Turning off the impact mechanism in a hammer drill, we can use it as a conventional drill or screwdriver as well.

  • It is frequently used to create different sizes of holes in stone, concrete, ceramic, and masonry.
  • This is used to create a concrete footing in order to pin concrete wall forms.
  • When we have to place a bolt for the window or the door of our rooms, the first thing that we need is a hammering drill. With the conventional normal drills, it takes a whole lot of pressure and often leads to imperfection.
  • We can turn a it into a regular drill for woodworking or metalworking just by switching off the hammer clutch.

If you want to know more about how to use a hammer drill,you can check here

Conclusion For- What is a Hammer Drill

If its impact mechanism can be turned off, then this tool can be used as a conventional drill also to perform tasks such as screw driving.

Hammer drill has a long history of being the most favorite tools when it comes to percussive drilling. Brands are competing with each other we come up with an optimal value in terms of performance and features. Therefore, we have tons of options and models in the market to choose from them.

So,I think now you dont have any questions about what is a hammer drill.If you think you have to know more then please visit this awesome source.

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