What is a Hammer Drill Used For [Read it Before Work]

Hammer Drills can be helpful to use for the occasional drilling of holes in stone, concrete or masonry. But you want to use Hammer Drills for typical production, construction drilling then maybe it’s not the best choice. Transforming from an ancient China’s principle drilling technique during the Han dynasty, at present, it can replace when a household work needs extreme force. In this brief article, I will help you to find out all your answers about what is a Hammer Drill used for and which one will be best to fill your need.

For Masonry Drillings

Drilling in the masonries can be a laborious task if you do not have the proper equipment. Hammer Drill is an excellent choice in this case. Hammer drills are specially designed to bore holes through concrete, cinder block and brick. It can produce a pounding force that makes them extremely efficient at blasting masonry. Just make sure to use a masonry bit to complete the tasks safely and effectively. The bit chisels away at the masonry when the hammer drill spins. There are two typical types of hammer drills available in the market- Standard and Rotary Hammer Drill. A standard hammer can drill up to 1/2 inch easily, but if you need to drill larger holes then consider a Rotary Hammer.

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As High-Quality Screwdriver

You can use Hammer drill as a screwdriver if it is slow enough and has a torque adjustment. The good news is most Hammer drills have the two settings. You need to put the screwdriver bit in the drill. It will serve you better when you are screwing into hard or dense objects. Just make sure that your screws can take the torque. Coated deck screws probably can. Hardened drywall screws definitely can’t. Although, a VSR (Variable Speed Reversing) drill is best for most screwdriver applications. Perhaps a battery drill would fit, but if you go for a real drill, it will jump off the screw head or break the screw.

Bore Holes in Wood

If a hammer drill uses a standard drill chuck and round shank bits, it can be used in the drill-only mode to penetrate the wood. Just make sure to use a wood drill bit. And always use wood screws. They have a high-incline thread and pronounced tip. Set the right speed. If the rate is too low, the hole will be untidy. If the speed is too high, there is a risk of the workpiece overheating and burn marks occurring. If you are adding up all the energy expended by the drills during testing and apply to the real world, you can build fifty-seven 300-square-foot wood decks using 80,742 screws. Sounds impressive. Isn’t it?

Concrete or Stone Drillings

If you have to go into concrete or stone, yes, it should take care of all your needs. Hammer drill can bear concrete far better and quicker than a daily one. A hammer drill with the appropriate bits can do the job with satisfaction. But you need to use concrete bits. Hammer drills are handy when drilling into very hard concrete or when you want to use a chisel tip bit which you do not want to spin. Remember, depending on the diameter of the hole; you may need a pilot hole first.

Drillings Metals

When drilling metal, you would like solid contact with the surface. Drill bits usually have two angles ground on the tip. For wood, the angle is 118 degrees, and for metal, it is 135 degrees. You can drill a hard metal frame with a bit that is carbide tipped, or you should buy high-speed hardened metal bits. You can get a machine to sharpen them. But don’t forget, drilling on the high speed does not allow the bit to bore as it only dances on the metal and doesn’t cut the hole.

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Hammer drills have versatile power features so you can power it by connecting directly to electricity board or batteries. No doubt, this brief insight about what is Hammer Drills used for will help you if you are planning to create holes in your upcoming project. Just reconsider the information, confirm the purchase, and let me know your experience in the comment section.

Conclusion-What is a Hammer Drill Used For

So, at last, I think now you have a clear knowledge about “What is a Hammer Drill Used For”.If yes then great!!. But if you don’t satisfied with this article and want to know more about “What is a Hammer Drill Used For” then please comment below. We are glad to have your question.

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