DEWALT DCD760KL 18-Volt 1/2-Inch Cordless Compact Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver Kit

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The DeWALT DCD760KLis a cordless drill/driver created with the intention to deliver the same power and quality you would expect from a larger drill in a compact package.

Product Features and Specifications:This drill boasts that it weighs only 4 pounds and is only 8.2 inches long, which means it is able to fit into tight areas.

It runs off 18v power, which means that it provides more power than a 12v drill, while maintaining battery life as well as having speeds of up to 1,700 RPMs. The drill also has a LED light on the front of it, which can be helpful in many different situations, and when running off Lithium-Ion batteries you can be sure that you’ll be drilling for a long time.

This drill will only offers two speeds, which can be problematic when working with something delicate.

The Pros:
A great thing about this drill is the size. While it can’t provide the power of a larger drill, being smaller means this little guy can fit into all kinds of places where a larger drill can’t.cc3

Another great thing about this drill is the LED light in the front of it. Since you will probably be using this drill in tight places where lighting can be limited, having a light right there increases your visibility.

Plus, DeWALT has the trigger set up so that if you just barely touch it, the light will come on and the drill wont spin, meaning you can use it as a flashlight in a pinch.

A third benefit is the batteries. While using Lithium-Ion can be a bit different if you’re not used to it, the batteries will last longer, you wont have to worry about discharging them before you charge them, and they will fit into any DeWALT 18v tool made since 1996. This means if you already have some DeWALT tools you can share these batteries between them.

The Cons:
Being a small driver, the first problem that we see with it is that while DeWALT makes a great tool, and they are known for quality, you simply can’t pull the same power and reliability that you can out of a larger drill.

Another issue with this drill comes from the Lithium-Ion batteries. Since they are Lithium, they have a safety shutoff when the voltage drops too low.

The Verdict:A great drill for someone with medium sized tasks. Since it has size limitations, it can’t offer the same power of a larger drill, meaning that if you have any large projects to take care of, this drill will take longer to get it done and break faster.

For working on small delicate projects, it doesn’t offer anywhere near the control needed, but for an average person doing tasks around the home or as a supplement to a larger drill the DeWalt DCD760KLis a great option.

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