Hitachi DS12DVF3 Review – The best home drill with amazing features

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One exceptional product from the stables of Hitachi once again in the power tools segment is the Hitachi DS12DVF3. This product is amazingly lightweight and at just around 3.3 lbs, it certainly is great for long duration jobs. The battery life is also great – there appears to be nonstop energy flowing from the battery with one charge. Charging the battery takes about 30 minutes so the operator is back on the job as quickly as possible. A Hitachi DS12DVF3 Review in fact said that a charge could last at least for a day, so there is no need to look at the charger if the battery is fully charged up at the beginning of work.

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The lightweight design has some obvious advantages too. The drill can be operated single handedly and this gives the operator a spare hand to hold the flashlight that comes as a separate accessory. The reason why Hitachi did not stab in a LED light in the machine itself is now understandable. The drilling area at times becomes heavy with sawdust or concrete dust and therefore the operator would not find a LED work light to be of much use. That explains why a larger powerful flash light can actually take care of the rigors of working in the dark. The operator can even station the flashlight somewhere near the work area so the hand is free once again.

List of Technical Details:

  • Compact length – only 7.5 inches
  • Class leading torque – maximum of 230 in./lb – for toughest tasks
  • 5 year long warranty
  • Increased comfort – ergonomic grip with non-slip feature
  • Precision driving – 22-stage clutch

The elastomer grip of the Hitachi DS12DVF3 provides additional comfort and safety. Even when working with sweating hands, the grip remains firm and the job can be concentrated upon. The machine is so compact that it fits in even the smallest of working areas. This is a big advantage too. The 3/8” chuck provides for easy changing of the drill bits and the 230/lbs torque that is delivered from the battery can easily drill through most surfaces including wood, ply boards, concrete, steel and aluminum.

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The clutch remains a prerogative of Hitachi as always and one Hitachi DS12DVF3 Review did mention that the 22-stage clutch is extremely user friendly in situations where the user had to drive screws through walls without damaging the screw head or the wall for that matter. This self-limiting speed apparatus is extremely useful where the job is to be done in a clean and impeccable way. Other drill machines will strip through the screw head, which means the user will have to work back, unscrew and again fix another screw this time with much more caution. This involves costs and time as well. The Hitachi DS12DVF3 seems to have finally dealt with this aspect in a clear and precise way.

What’s in the box?

  • Carrying case
  • 2 batteries
  • Flashlight
  • Quick charger
  • Drill
  • Driver bit

The only drawback that has been reported in one Hitachi DS12DVF3 Review after another is the need to lug around a kit box with the drill, the bit set and the search light. This makes it a bit cumbersome for some operators where at times there is no space to keep anything except holding the drill machine in the hand. For example, if the user is working on a sewer drain, it becomes extremely risky to keep the kit down and work with the drill since the concentration is constantly on the kit sliding away.

On website, this Hitachi DS12DVF3 cordless drill has 65 reviews and 4.0 rating.

Average Amazon Rating: ☆

Here is one of the most viewed user reviews:

Eli said:

“I had an old cordless drill for nine years. When I finally decided to buy new one, with so many different features, flashlight and a rebate for a third battery, the Hitachi DS12DVF3 was a no-brainer. It’s very comfortable and easy to use, lightweight and it has everything I’ll ever need. I highly recommend it to everyone!”

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