How to Fix A Cordless Drill Battery

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Identify the positive and negative posts on the battery with a volt meter, and use a piece of tape to label the posts accordingly.

Open the battery case by removing the screws on the skin of the battery case with a Phillips head screwdriver. Organize the screws and any springs or additional things that fall out of the case during a tiny container.

Take away the battery cells from within the case by pulling up on them with your hand. Use gloves when touching the battery cells to avoid harming your skin.

Wrap the metal band that lies beneath the battery cells you removed with electrical tape. Avoid touching this metallic piece with your vacant hands because it can get quite hot.

Remove the silver piece of insulation from the case and any plastic wrap that is covering the high and bottom posts on the battery.

Take a look at the battery cells with a battery tester, and mark those cells that aren’t operating with a piece of tape thus you’ll repair them later.

Choose one among the battery cells that you marked with tape within the previous step to be repaired. Locate the positive and negative ends of the cell, which will be identified by their flat or raised surfaces, respectively.

Touch the black clamp on the 12-volt power supply to the negative finish of the cell while touching the red clamp to the positive end. Hold the two clamps in contact with the ends of the ability tool battery for only two seconds, and remove them.

Take a look at the cell once more with the battery tester to verify that the cell has been repaired and will take a charge. If the cell still will not take a charge, repeat step eight for a maximum of ten times until the battery holds a charge. If the cell can not hold a charge when ten tries, it can have to be replaced entirely.

How to Recharge a Cordless Drill Battery
Cordless power tools have revolutionized the manner owners and professionals work with power tools. The initial cordless drill was introduced within the Sixties. Since that time, they have become a lot of powerful, and the batteries last a lot of longer. If a downside to cordless drills exists, it is managing battery power and recharging to stop interruptions during the project. Create it a purpose to grasp the battery sort and its characteristics being used with the drill. Doing thus helps improve battery management and will ultimately extend its life.

Plug the battery charger directly into the outlet. Avoid using extension cords to reduce the consequences of voltage drop. Cordless drill battery chargers use transformers and solid-state parts for charging batteries. Supplying but adequate voltage to the charger has the potential to cause overheating and damage to the charger and tools battery.

Take away the battery from the drill and wipe any debris from the exposed terminals before inserting it within the charger. Line up the battery with the charger and slide it in all the approach. A red or green power light will return on when the battery is during the charger. Completely different cordless tool manufacturers build chargers specifically for his or her batteries. For this reason, most batteries can solely fit into chargers provided by the identical company.

Charge cordless drill batteries when temperatures are between freezing and a hundred degrees Fahrenheit. Keep the charger clean and also the vents free of debris. Enable the battery to stay on charge until the charger indicator shows the charge to be complete. As a result of totally different tool manufactures use a different sequence of colored indicator lights on their chargers, check the tools operating manual for the meaning of every light. Today’s chargers usually have a legend stuck to the charger showing what each lightweight suggests that and how to tell when the charge is complete.

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