Keep Yourself Safe When Using Your Power Tools

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What a lot of users don’t appreciate when it comes to power tools is that they can be extremely dangerous if not used correctly. There are a few things you have to keep in mind when using them to keep yourself safe. You may think that with a drill all you have to do is pull the trigger and the drill will do the rest and let their guard down, and this is when accidents will happen.

First off read the manual that you get with the tool, this will point out most things that can happen when using the tool. After all the manufacturer has put the thing throughits paces before releasing it to market and know all the pit falls.

    1. Use a suitable drill

First off check that the drill you are going to be using is made for the job you are attempting you don’t need a large 24 volt hammer drill for inserting small screws this is just over kill and can result in injury to your finger while holding the screw at start off. Just as trying to drill concrete with a 18 volt screw driver is not going to work, this can result in the drill bit snapping because of the extra pressure you would have to apply to get the drill to make the hole, not a good move

    2. Safety first, always

Goggles, always a good idea to invest in a good pair off them these can be used for all your home improvement projects so are a good investment, maybe invest in a good face mask these can be used in all your yard work, especially when using lawn mowers and grass edging cutters. Always keep the kids well away when using power tools, especially corded power tools kids and electricity don’t mix.

    3. Make sure the chuck is placed properly

Always make sure you have tightened and removed the chuck key before setting off the drill, or you could be looking at taking yours or someone else’s eye out. Don’t try and stop the drill chuck from spinning this can result in a nasty burn to your fingers, wait till the drill has stopped by itself before attempting to hold the chuck.

    4. Use the drill in a safe environment

Don’t be using the drill out-doors in the wet, especially electric powered drills as an electric shock could occur. In confined place make sure there is ventilation, as all drills produce a spark any build up of gases could result in an explosion. When drilling walls always use a wire and pipe detector first, you don’t want to be drilling into live power cables and if you hit a water pipe then you are going to need an emergency plumber which are not cheap.

    5. Wear proper clothing

What you wear to do the jobs is important, you don’t want loose unfastened cuffs when using a drill as this can prove to be very dangerous to the user if the cuff gets caught in the drill chuck.

    6. Keep both hands free

If you are drilling timber on a bench always clamp the piece to the bench. A spinning piece of timber can be lethal to too the user when out of control. When drilling into dence timber always keep pulling the drill back towards you as you drill deeper, this will keep the drill bit shaft clean and stop the drill from jamming. If it does jam stop drilling switch the drill into reverse and the drill bit should free up and come out of the timber. Always use sharpened bits for trouble free drilling.

   7. Charge the battery properly

Don’t try and charge the drill with the wrong battery charger, this can result in battery damage and stop your drill from working properly. For best charging results always make sure the battery is fully spent of power, then insert in charger and wait till full charge is achieved this keeps the battery in perfect condition.

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