Review of – Bosch Bare-Tool CRS180B 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Reciprocating Saw

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One of the most versatile power tools that a contractor or home owner can own is a reciprocating saw, and when we came across the Bosch CRS180BL 18-volt reciprocating saw as this model is small and compact ideal for working in those enclosed spaces that can prove awkward with the larger recip saws that are around.

These saws are popular will all types of contractors as they can be used to cut a whole host of materials with the switch of the blade and there is a whole host of different blades to choose from and are easily available to purchase, you will not struggle finding the right blade for the right job. Home owners can put the Bosch CRS180BL to work on many different types of jobs, the reciprocating saw is perfect for the back yard cutting back bushes and hedges along with all those DIY projects you can use the saw on.

Size and weight can be important when using a reciprocating saw especially for long periods, and the CRS180BL seems to have covered this the size being 5 ½ inches in height  with an overall length of 17 ½ inches, and the weight is quite impressive at just 12 pounds. These saws a mainly for use in cutting metal, wood , stucco, and drywall, and are great for cutting material flush with surfaces where in the past you would have had to have used a hand saw which was ok for cutting wood but you were stuck when it came to other materials. The only other option for these other materials was a hack saw held in a handle that would normally snag then snap when doing heavy cutting and was hard going on your arm and wrist and not to mention the time it took to complete the cut. With a reciprocating saw you have the choice of a variety of blades and variable speed settings for different cuts which is very important. The best thing about the CRS180BL is that it is a cordless recip saw, so no chance of cutting through the power cable which can easily happen with this type of saw especially if you are trimming out in the back yard.

In the past changing the blade on a reciprocating saw was a right pain in the back side, you had to locate the allen key or locking screw  to change the saw blade, but Bosch have come up with a quick change in the form of their lock-jaw blade holder that comes with this saw and is one of the easiest blade-change systems available. Another thing I like with the CRS180BL is that it comes with the Bosch L-BOXX which is a great system for those who have quite a few power tools as this system allows you to stack and store the boxes just like a normal tool chest but they can be separated easily with the Click & Go system, moving all your power tools around from place to place could not be easier.

If your tools are stored any distance from the work area then this L-Boxx system is going to save you a whole lot of time not having to go backwards and forwards every time you need a different tool you have everything at hand, and at the end of the job just click the whole lot together and just wheel the whole lot back to your storage area, where another plus is the fact this system takes up practically no space.

The tool comes with the ProVantage 3-year protection plan, which is one of the industry’s best support and service program. It offers 2 years of battery protection and a year of tool protection. You can get tool replacement for a year, 2 years of free battery replacements, and a free tool repair-package for the second & third years.

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